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The Sparrows’ Wheat
The children used to play in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Games were usually chosen according to the seasons and toys were normally built using available plants.

Often, their entertainment was performed during the labour that characterised the life of many children at that time. For instance, "The Five Mecas" was a very popular game among girls and boys that could be played both in the forecourt of the school or in the top of the mountain when keep watching the flock.

Nowadays, grandchildren are no longer amused with the same games of their grandparents. Thus, some stories are awakening the consciousness of the not-so-young readers for the evolution of time, the emergence of other toys and various forms of living and help remembering about their games and their youth. The Sparrows' wheat comes with the purpose of alerting young people to the duty of stewardship of the Planet's resources, respect for the environment and preservation of natural heritage of the region and country.

O Trigo dos Pardais (tales of rural childhood) has been included in lists of books recommended by the National Reading Plan (http://www.planonacionaldeleitura.gov.pt) in 2011.

The National Reading Plan is an initiative of the Portuguese Government under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, with the aim of increasing literacy levels of the population in general and in particular young people.
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